Maltese Puppy vs Yorkie Puppy: What’s the Difference?

Loving puppies is our common habit, and that too our mind fluctuates which one to select, such as Maltese or Yorkie puppies. These two puppies are very special to us in attraction, aggression, energy, loyal and friendly features. You might confuse which one to choose for your family? Do not feel bad; the below suggestions would give you the exact solution that you require. You have to compare the features of each breed so that you can conclude easily.

Both are cute and the same size

Both Maltese versus Yorkie breeds weigh and measure the same for us. The dogs weigh about 7 pounds and look similar in size. However, the Maltese breed looks brighter than Yorkie breeds. The Yorkie puppies are dark in color but not to the full extent as you think. These Yorkie breeds are available in different forms for your information, such as black, blue, and tan. On the whole, both these breeds look beautiful and cute to the eyes.

Aggressive nature

The Yorkie breeds have a highly aggressive nature when compared to other breeds. As far as stranger and owner aggression is concerned, the Yorkie breeds have a high one. The aggressive nature is not an uncontrolled behavior but possible by the owners’ time with the pets. Both breeds love spending time with the owner a lot.

Social behavior of the breeds on training

In common, training the puppies professionally yield good results for the owner. This applies to these two breeds because both behave decent and professional on good training by the owner. They respond well to the master during training, and hence the social behavior of both Yorkie and Maltese puppies is extraordinary. This kind of behavior is the intelligence of the breeds naturally—Maltese puppies like outgoing nature than Yorkie ones. For service therapy purposes, Yorkie dogs are used.

Health and life span

Normally, the life span of both Yorkie and Maltese dog breeds range from eleven to fourteen and, to an extent, fifteen years. This is common, and if you want to be specific, then Maltese may live one year longer in rare cases.

Body problems and dental worries

Yorkshire breeds are considered healthy than the other breeds in common. However, both have the same types of health issues. Health issues like eye problems and liver issues are widespread among these two breeds as far as dental problems are very severe for these two breeds in common. Plaque formation is a disturbing issue for these dogs.

How about grooming part?

Both breeds need good grooming by the owners. These puppies have good fur, and hence grooming is important. However, Maltese requires specific attention by the owner, like daily brushing

Which breed to choose for us?

When comparing and analyzing Maltese and Yorkie breeds, some features are common, and some are differing. Both breeds are from a unique background. You have to judge the breed based on your compatibility and lifestyle. Moreover, both are loyal and friendly to owners; you can go with the breed that makes you happy with your family members.

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