How To Treat Constipation In A Newborn Puppy

Did you know that you can evaluate your puppy’s health with its poop? Experienced breeders immediately know the condition of the pups by looking at poop color and composition alone. For example, dry poop indicates dehydration. On the other hand, a brown bubbly poop indicates the presence of worms.

With that being said, monitoring your newborn puppy’s poop is an important task to adjust its diet and healthcare. But how do you monitor if the newborn puppy won’t poop? Well, that’s another problem that we have to solve.

Constipation can be quite problematic, especially for a puppy. I was hoping you could spare some time with me because I’ll teach you some easy remedies.

Massage The Puppy’s Stomach

Constipation in dogs is sometimes caused by the abnormal function of the large intestines and abdominal muscles. A massage will help if this is the case.

Start this method by laying the puppy flat on the floor or bed. Its stomach must be exposed toward you while in this position.

After positioning the puppy, gently massage its stomach. The motion should start from its chest, going down toward its anus. Keep doing this until small bits of poop come out.

To make this more effective, soak your hands in warm water. The warm water will help to relax the abdominal muscles, which might help alleviate the puppy’s constipation.

Try Okra

Many have tried spinach and pumpkin to alleviate the constipation of a puppy. However, I bet that none have tried using okra or lady’s fingers before. Okra doesn’t lag behind pumpkin or spinach when it comes to fiber content. But it might be better because it produces mucus when cooked.

Therefore, aside from the natural fiber, the okra can also lubricate the pup’s colon with its mucus. With it, feces that are stuck inside the stomach can travel easier.

Because the puppy is a newborn, you might want to crush the okra with a blender. After that, mix it with a bit of lukewarm water, and goatmilk then feeds to the newborn puppy.

Mix Puppy Milk With A Small Amount of Senna

Senna is an herb that’s used as a natural laxative. In fact, commercial products for treating constipation make use of this ingredient. That’s you should try making tea with the leaves, fruits, and flowers of this herb.

But know that the pup won’t drink the senna tea if not mixed with a doggy drink. The smell of senna tea is somehow violating for canines. Senna’s taste is bitter too.

To fool your pet, add a bit of senna tea to puppy milk. The puppy milk will mask the taste and smell of senna but not neutralize its effects.

By the way, be sure to prepare a lot of tissue paper for picking the pup’s feces because senna is a very effective laxative. After drinking it, wait for a few hours, and the pup will defecate a lot.

What To Do If None Of These Helps?

If none of the methods above work, visit a vet immediately. Serious health conditions might cause constipation for a newborn pup sometimes. An example is an imperforate anus. This is a rare issue wherein a dog or cat fails to develop a working anus while in its mother’s womb.

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