How to stop a pit bull puppy from biting

Are you a pet lover? If yes, what is your favorite dog in your house? Many are saying Pitbull puppy is their desirable breed. Yes, we shall understand why it is so, however, how a dog owner tolerates his lovable animals’ biting behavior.

The reason is that these breeds many a time bites someone or the owner due to their aggressive behavior. Have you taken any steps to stop your pitbull puppy from biting? Yes, many dog lovers love the steps involved in preventing their dear animals from involving in the biting habit. Let us see those suggestions here

Let the puppy stay with its mother

You can allow the pet to remain with its mother for a certain period of time. As per scientist’s research, it is obvious that the young ones that remain with their mums learn decent behaviors. These decent behaviors do prohibit them from nipping habits. So, you can follow this suggestion to help your little animal.

Allow the puppy more playing time with siblings

If you allow the puppy to play with its siblings, there are many chances available for your pitbull to understand others’ pain on biting. Yes, it may bite the other puppy, and as a result, it may cry and make noise. As a result, your small one would automatically understand the pain, which would prohibit it from doing so.

Give toys to chew on

Alternatively, your puppies are given playing toys to chew on. Yes, it is natural for small ones like human kids undergoing the teething phase, and hence they chew any item they come across. As a result, your shoes and couch might get damaged by biting. So, give them small toys laced with cream liked by dogs to chew on. This task will limit or completely deviate their habit of biting.

Spend time with your pets

Try to spend some time playing with your little puppies. You should act like crying and moving away from your little animals during the play if they bite you. After some time, you can resume playing with it and again move away if it bites. So, you can repeat the activity several times to make your pitbull understand the situation. This move would also make your dog understand it; the fun would not be extended if it bites.

Never let your puppy get bored

If your dogs are left idle and bored for a long time, then the issue of biting does not stop. So, allow it to move out of the house daily for a considerable amount of time and let it wander as it likes under your supervision. Also, teach some exercises to your dear pets so that the stored energy gets used. Also, go for frequent walks and playing sessions in a nearby park in your location.

Train your stubborn pets

In case your pitbull dogs are very stubborn, give it some training as taught by your veterinarian. The experts’ training would change the mental attitude of your puppies a lot from biting.

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