How To Find The Best Place To Buy A New Puppy

So has someone approached you saying that he’ll get you in touch with the best puppy dealer in town? Be on your toes because you might be in for a scam. Nowadays, the puppy trade can be as shady as the alleys of Mexico. Buy from the wrong buyer, and you’ll be raising a puppy that won’t lift everyone’s mood.

Where is the best place to buy a puppy? There are lots of places claiming to be the “best.” And this is why it’s even more important to learn how to find the truly best place that sells high-quality puppies, not just to earn profits but also to share the joy of raising dogs with others.

Here are some practices that will help you distinguish great puppy breeders or dealers from bad ones:

Ask Reputable Puppy Trainers In Your Hometown

Reputable puppy trainers are very picky about which dogs to raise. Before buying or adopting a puppy, they consider many things such as the puppy’s physique, the characteristics of the puppy’s parents, the temperament of the puppy, and the environment where it was first raised.

Just as these reputable trainers are meticulous about the puppies, they’re also as meticulous when it comes to choosing breeders or dealers. For this reason, they certainly know which breeders or dealers do their jobs with a heart.

Try getting in touch with reputable puppy trainers who reside in your hometown. After that, ask for a list of breeders that they highly recommend.

Consult Established Breeder Organizations

Established breeder organizations have a list of reputable dog breeders and puppy dealers. These usually give commendations to those who sell puppies that are raised in optimal conditions.

We’re optimistic conditions are healthy parents, a clean breeding environment, friendly training procedures, etc.

What are some specific established breeder organizations for you to contact? You should try the American Kennel Club, Best Friends Animal Society, Four Paws, DELTA Rescue, and Humane Society. If these organizations have a nearby office, never hesitate to pay a visit.

By the way, don’t trust a single breeder or dealer list. For example, you might want to cross-reference the list from AKC with the list that came from Four Paws.

Go To The Local Animal Shelter

Going to the local animal shelter is the quickest and cheapest option for buying a new puppy. However, this only works if you’re not picky about which dog breed to raise. You might have to sacrifice your personal preferences when getting a puppy from an animal shelter. It’s because available puppies might not even be the ones that you want to get.

Even so, getting a puppy from the local animal shelter is a good practice. You’re supporting the humble efforts of the government to giving animals a home. Know that your payment to the animal shelter funds the programs that ensure the welfare of dogs.

Know The “Hints”

If you’re visiting breeders, be sure to look out for red flags. Here are some of the characteristics that bad puppy breeders or dealers have:

  • It doesn’t show you the parents of the puppy when asked
  • Sells puppies on cages
  • Doesn’t have strict conditions when selling a puppy to a buyer
  • The puppies were imported from an unknown buyer

To end, thinking about how to find the best puppy is as important as thinking about how to raise a puppy correctly. I hope the abovementioned tips help. As for me, the local animal shelter is the best place. This is where puppies who need the most earnest attention dwell.

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