Types of Food You Can Feed A 5-Week Old Puppy

Caring for infant dogs is a bit similar to caring for infant human beings. Just likes a human baby, a baby dog is susceptible to what it’s eating too. For this reason, being fastidious about the diet of your puppy is never bad.

A turning point in the puppy’s life is when it reaches 5-weeks old. During this time, crucial physical and mental developments happen. Food has a great influence on these. So what to feed a 5-week old puppy?

Use Puppy Milk Not Cow Milk

If your puppy hasn’t gotten over with drinking milk yet, feed it with puppy milk. Others call this canine milk replacer. Puppy milk is specially formulated for puppies and is made out of goat milk.

Avoid using puppy milk that uses cow milk. Cow milk is hard for most puppies to digest. Furthermore, it’s notorious for causing diarrhea.

To be safer, you can also make homemade puppy milk. Ingredients you need are a can of evaporated goat milk for puppies, pancake syrup, lukewarm water, 3 egg yolks, and yogurt.

Highly Tenderized Meats Aren’t Bad

Meats that have been tenderized by boiling are great for a 5-week old puppy that’s looking for a chewable meal. This diet is ideal if the puppy has started growing its teeth.

But why boiled and not raw meat? You have to think about canine digestive and dental concerns. The initial teeth of a puppy aren’t strong enough to break down raw meat. Also, raw meat may inflict the puppy with constipation and stomach aches.

So what kind of meats are best for puppies? The first is chicken meat. It is rich in protein that contributes to the development of well-toned muscles and shiny coats.

Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout are also great for a 5-week old puppy. These are a hefty source of vitamin E that helps your puppy build a resilient immune system.

Don’t Underestimate Liver

It would be best if you also tried liver. Livestock liver contains a wide variety of vitamins that are crucial for the puppy’s growth. Specifically, what it has are B vitamins and preformed vitamin A. B vitamins ensure that the puppy stays energetic and happy. On the other hand, preformed vitamin A helps with muscle and brain development.

Know that any liver will do but be sure to boil and mince it before serving the pup. Livers that your puppy will surely love are pork liver, beef liver, and chicken liver.


Your 5-week-old puppy will also love to eat fruits. However, these only work well as a supplement for your puppy’s existing diet.

Fruits that you can add to your puppy’s kibble are apples, bananas, blueberries, and mangoes. Apples and blueberries are rich in fiber and will be great for digestion. On the other hand, bananas can act as an appetizer due to their high sugar content. Finally, mangoes can act as a natural dewormer.

By the way, chop these fruits finely before serving. You may even crush these with a blender, add goatmilk, and serve the puppy as a refreshing smoothie.

Food is vital for your puppy’s healthy growth. That’s why you should invest time to learn the meals that provide the best benefits. Start by making a diet plan with the foods that this article presented.

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